Steel Lake Little League


"AA" (Kid and Coach Pitch Mix) Division (Ages 7-9) Both coaches and players pitch for three innings each during the first half of the season and then players only pitch in the second half of the season. Provides additional instruction of fundamental skills, and introduces aspects of game strategy and tactics. Introduces limited base stealing and coverage throughout the season. There is some level of competition introduced. Instruction in the fundamental skills of throwing, base running, pitching, batting and defensive fielding. Game rules, work ethic and sportsmanship will be taught and emphasized. Scores and standings are not kept throughout the regular season however...

An end of the season playoff will crown Steel Lake Little League's 2A Division Champion!

Registration fee includes baseball hat and jersey that are yours to keep.

Baseball glove, pants (color determind by the coach), cleats and protective cup or supporter are required.

Your own personal batting helmet is highly recommended. Little League approved bat is recommended.

AA Division Specific Rules:

  1. Coaches will pitch the first 3 innings of all games before May 1st of the current season, and player pitchers will pitch the final 3 innings of all games. After May 1st only player pitchers will pitch during all games.
  2. The coach pitching is considered part of the field of play. The coach pitcher may assist the batter, but may not assist or any other player on the field.
  3. While the coach is pitching, a batter will get seven (7) pitches; he/she cannot walk, but can strike out. Only pitches that a batter swings at will be called strikes. If he/she fouls off the 7th pitch, additional pitches will be thrown until he/she hits the ball fair or strikes out
  4. Players will begin pitching in the 4th inning of all games prior to May 1st. Coaches do not have the option to continue pitching after the 3rd inning.
  5. AA managers submit a pitching report w/ game completion for pitching eligibility & record purposes.
  6. Any pitcher that throws more than 41 pitches is not eligible to play catcher for the remainder of that day.All pitchers will pitch from the raised portable 40' mound.
  7. All pitchers will pitch from the raised portable 40' mound.
    **Coach pitchers will pitch from the 40' flat pitching rubber. Raised mounds will be placed onto the field after the coaches have completed pitching.
    **Teaching our players how to pitch from raised mounds is a high priority for the league. Practice mounds are available and all teams are
    encouraged to check them out for use
  8. While a coach is pitching players may not steal bases at any time. Runners must remain on their base until the ball is put in play by the batter.
  9. While a player is pitching, players may steal 2nd & 3rd base only, and may only steal 1 base. Players may not advance to additional bases until after the next pitch is delivered. Players on 3rd base may only advance upon the ball being put into play by the batter. A walk by the batter does not put the ball into play.
    **Runner at first base attempts to steal second base. The catcher overthrows the ball past second base. The runner may not advance past second base.
    **Runners at first and third base. Runner at first base attempts to steal second base and catcher throws to second base and puts player out. Runner on third base may not leave their base at any time because ball was not put into play by the batter.
  10. Each player shall play 9 defensive outs, and shall not sit more than 2 consecutive innings.
  11. Teams may field (10) players, (4) outfielders.
  12. Teams may start and end games with less than 9 players.
  13. There shall be an umpire assigned to each game to settle any disputes by making an immediate ruling. If no umpires are available or are absent, the home team shall provide a plate umpire and the visiting teams shall provide a field umpire.
  14. Five -run limit in all innings during the regular season.
  15. No new inning will start 2 hours after game start time. Game start time will be recorded by the home scorekeeper. Games tied at the end of the time limit, or at the end of 6 innings will be considered a tie game.
  16. Coaches will bat their entire roster. Exceptions will be made for discipline or injuries.
  17. Injured or sick players will be removed from the lineup with no penalty to the team, but once removed the player cannot be re-added to the lineup.
  18. The 10-run rule will not be effect during the regular season.
  19. Standings will not be kept during the regular season. The season will end in a post season playoff. All teams will be randomly seeded for post season play.
  20. Medals will be awarded to the 1st & 2nd place teams at the conclusion of playoffs.
  21. AA division playoffs will be double elimination, and all teams are eligible to participate.
  22. Home team for playoff games will be determined by a coin flip prior to the game.
  23. All regular season rules will apply for playoffs except for the following:
  • There will be no time limit for playoff games.
  • No playoff game may end in a tie. If tied after the completion of the 6th inning, additional innings will be played.
  • Unlimited runs will be allowed in the 6th inning and beyond in all playoff games.
  • The 10-run rule will be in effect for playoff games.
  • Playoffs are player pitch only.