Steel Lake Little League


"AAA" Minors Division (Ages 9-12) - Drafted Players. Pitching by players only. Provides continued instruction of fundamental skills and introduces aspects of game strategy and tactics with a higher level of competition including interleague games. Moderate instruction in the fundamental skills of throwing, base running, pitching batting and fielding will be emphasized. Game rules, work ethic and sportsmanship will be taught and emphasized.

An end of the season playoff will crown Steel Lake Little League's 3A Champion!

Registration fee includes baseball hat and jersey that are yours to keep.

Baseball glove, pants (color determind by the coach), cleats and protective cup or supporter are required.

Your own personal batting helmet and Little League approved bat are highly recommended.

Players attend an evaluation/tryout in early Febuary to be placed on a team however every player who attends the tryout will be drafted onto a AAA team (or possibly Majors). Players who will be League Age 10 or older must play AAA or above. League Age 12 players who attend tryouts play in the Majors Division unless they sign a waiver to play in AAA. No team requests are permitted.

Steel Lake Little League AAA Baseball is sponsored by:

AAA Division Specific Rules

  • 12 year olds cannot pitch in this division.
  • 12 year olds may play in this division if they desire. A waiver must be completed and submitted to D10 LL.
  • Interlock rules will be established prior to the first interlock game being played. If no specific interlock rule has been defined, playing rules will be governed by the HOME teams local playing rules.
  • The umpire shall be on the field during games to settle any disputes by making an immediate ruling. If no umpires are available or are absent, the home team will provide a plate umpire and the visiting team will provide a field umpire.
  • Five run limit in all innings, except the 6th inning and beyond which allows unlimited runs.
  • No new inning will start 2 hours after game start time, unless the game is tied. Game start time must be recorded by the umpire and official scorekeeper prior to the 1st pitch. Time recorded will be considered official.
  • If a game is tied at the end of the 2 hour time limit, 1 additional inning will be allowed with unlimited runs. Any game tied after this final inning will be recorded as a tie.
  • Coaches will bat their entire roster. Exceptions will be made for discipline or injuries.
  • The 10-run rule will NOT be in effect during the regular season.
  • The 10-run rule WILL be in effect during playoff games.
  • Standings shall be kept to determine seeding of post season-playoff games. Medals will be awarded to the 1st & 2nd place teams at the conclusion of the playoffs.
  • AAA Division Playoffs shall be double elimination. All teams are eligible to play in the playoff games.
  • The higher seeded team from the regular season will get the choice to be home or away for all playoff games. Teams in playoff games with no losses will receive the option when playing teams with 1 loss. If both teams have 1 loss the choice will go to the team with the highest winning & from the regular season.
  • There will be no time limit during the playoff games.
  • Regular season rules will be in effect for post-season playoff games.
  • League playoffs are a continuation of the regular season, and pitching rules carry over from the regular season. Regular season pitching rules apply. For example, if pitcher X throws 80 pitches in the final regular season game, he would not be eligible for the first playoff game if the proper regular season time and game rest has not met.
  • Coaches will keep an official pitching log that will be exchanged with the with the other teams score keeper before the start of the game (at the same time as the line-ups). This pitching log will show a summary of all pitchers used for all games. Discrepancies between the pitching log and the game summary may result in a game forfeiture (determine by the board).