Steel Lake Little League


"A" (Coach Pitch) Division (Ages 5-7) Pitching by coaches only. Provides players with a positive non-competitive introduction to the game with additional emphasis on instruction and a chance to try all positions, learn basic language of the game and be exposed to the basic rules. Instruction in the basics of throwing, base running, batting and fielding. No scores or standings are kept.

Registration fee includes baseball hat and jersey that are yours to keep.

Players 6 and under must have one year of T-Ball or permission from a players agent.

Baseball glove, pants (color determind by the coach), cleats and protective cup are required.

Your own personal batting helmet is recommended.

"A" Division Specific Rules:

  1. All players will play on defense. Standard infield positions, with the balance of players filling out the outfield. (No standing an extra infielder on 2nd base)
  2. Coaches will bat the entire roster each inning.
  3. If the defense records 3 outs during the inning, the bases will be cleared and the inning will continue until all the players have had an at bat.
  4. A batter will get 6 pitches; he/she cannot walk or strike out. If he/she fouls off the 6th pitch an additional pitch will be thrown. If the ball is not hit fair, the Batting Tee will be used for the batter to hit the ball.
  5. Runners may not leave the base on a pitch until the ball is hit.
  6. If a batter hits a ball to the outfield, they are encouraged to run for a double. Once the ball is in the infield, the runner must stop advancing bases. There is no advancing of bases on overthrows. (Ex. Ball is hit to 2nd base and the second baseman overthrows 1st, the runner must stay at 1st base. All other runners on base may not advance on overthrow as well)
  7. The coach pitching is considered part of the field.
  8. While a coach is pitching they may assist only the batter, no other players.
  9. The player in the pitchers position must remain within 5 feet of the pitcher's mound (40 feet), regardless of where the coach pitching is located.
  10. The coach can pitch from the range of 25 feet to 40 feet from home plate.
  11. No standings shall be kept and no post season playoff games will be played
  12. Teams may start and end games with less than 9 players
  13. No new inning will start after 90 minutes from game start time.
  14. 1st and 3rd base coaches will serve as the umpires. If a player is called out, they will go to the dugout.