Steel Lake Little League


Are you in Steel Lake Little League boundaries? Check Here:

For players going to a school located within our league boundaries but living outside the league:
School Enrollment Form

Any parent who volunteers MUST complete a Volunteer Application:
Steel Lake Little League Volunteer Info Page

Parents Must sign a Parent Code of Conduct form:
Parent Code of Conduct

Steel Lake Little League Rules and Constitution:
Steel Lake Little League Rules / Steel Lake Little League Constitution

Parents / Players must read and understand concussions in youth sports from the Concussion Page:
Steel Lake Little League Concussion Form / Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

12-year-old players wishing to play AAA and not Majors will find waiver here:
Little League Regulation V (a) Waiver Request Form

BASEBALL BAT RULES (Majors division and below):
Coming Soon...


Regulations prohibit on-deck batters (Majors division and below). This means no player should handle a bat, even while in an enclosure, until it is his/her time at bat. Since there is no "on-deck position" in the Major Divisions and below, the next batter should be ready with a helmet on, but may not pick up a bat until it is his/her turn at bat.


Players are eligible for Steel Lake Little League if a parent or legal guardian resides within the defined boundaries OR if the player attends a school located within our boundaries, even if the player lives outside the league boundaries.

Residence shall be established and supported by documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or guardian(s) name, street address, city, state and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1, 2016 and February 1, 2017, from one or more documents from each of three Groups. See Residency Requirement document.

OR one of the following categories to determine school attendance by a player:

1) Official/Certified school enrollment record dated prior to October 1, 2016

2) A Little League issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator

School Enrollment Form

More details about residency, school enrollment and proof of age requirements are HERE


As a player moves or changes schools and wishes to stay in a league, even while not attending school within the boundaries, they are welcome to do so under Regulation II (d), as long as he/she has not broken service with Steel Lake Little League league.

The Regulation II (d) form is HERE.

If a person had previously resided within the league boundaries for two years while serving that league as a dedicated manager, coach or member of the Local League Board of Directors for two years, his or her sons and/or daughters are eligible to try out and be selected by teams in that league (1) provided such service to the league from which the person has moved has continued, (2) subject to written agreement from the league within whoseboundaries they currently reside and (3) supported by a recommendation of the District Administrator, to Regional Director to the Charter Committee.

The Regulation IV (h) form is HERE.


All players within Steel Lake Little League are required to participate in a candy sales fundraiser (one box of $60) unless the $30 buyout option is selected during the registration.

Boxes of candy for the fundraiser were given to each coach at the coach's meeting.

Coaches should distribute candy boxes to players / parents at their first practice.