Steel Lake Little League


T-Ball (Ages 4-6) provides younger players with a positive non-competitive introduction to the game and a chance to try all positions, players learn basic language of the game and are exposed to the basic rules in a fun, encouraging environment. No umpires, no scores, no standings, just a fun introduction into baseball, hitting the softer safety baseball off of a tee.

Registration fee includes baseball hat and jersey that are yours to keep.

Players must be 4-years-olds by August 31st in order to participate in T-Ball.

Baseball glove and pants (color determind by the coach) are required.

Your own battting helmet and cleats are recommended.

T-Ball Division Specific Rules:

  1. All players will play in the field.
  2. Offensive side will be retired when all players on the roster have batted one time.
  3. There will be a 75 minute time limit on all games.
  4. The play is dead when the ball is within 10 feet of the pitching rubber.
  5. Teams will field (10) players, (4) outfielders.
  6. Two coaches and or one player are required to coach the bases providing one adult is available to remain in the dugout. If not enough coaches are available to coach the bases, then only one coach and one player on the bases.
  7. Because there are no umpires, the coach of the team up to bat has the choice of removing his runners who are put out during a play or allowing them to stay on base.
  8. Teams may start and end games with less than 9 players.